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About 360 Orbit Cinema Technology

The Future of Cinema: See it! Feel it! Live in it!

360 Orbit Cinema is leading the way into the future.  Audiences will no longer be content sitting in a dull unmoving seat, looking forward.  Viewers want the total experience. As humans have become more sophisticated, so have their imaginations.  Audiences demand not just to watch a movie, but to feel they are part of it.  That’s what 360 Orbit Cinema offers.  See it, feel it, LIVE the theater experience.

Projection system: Adopting double projector to realize a group image or multiple group image columnar seamless surface connection when playing, two projectors start at the same time and corresponding to left and right movie.

Three-dimensional 360 degree screen system: Unlike in a traditional movie theater where the viewers all face one direction to a rectangular screen, we offer a circular screen displaying images in all directions.

Motion Platform system: The movie doesn’t happen in front of you, it happens TO you. The moving 5D electric platform which goes back and forth, left and right, up and down, even adding a lot of angles of motion, all coordinate with the images on the screen.  The viewer experiences subtle movements to earthquake effects.

Motion simulation: The dynamic seats will move across to the scene of the movies. Chairs can rotate 360 degrees.

Special effect system: Be ready for anything because the special effects system includes lighting simulation, rain simulation, snow simulation, smoke simulation, bubble simulation, heat, vibration, blasts of air, mist spray, leg sensations, wind, new sounds and other unexpected sensations. Immersion theater includes all the senses.

Special Sound effect: Special imported 7.1, 3D surround digital sound offers exciting and realistic sound.  From whispers to claps of thunder, you’ve only heard sound like this in your dreams.

Custom made Movies : Never before seen content so amazing you won’t want to blink.

Computer control system: Expert process engineers worked tirelessly to coordinate each element of the viewing experience including setting each element in exact time according to the movie, the  projection system, chair motion, effects machines and the sound system.

Wind simulation:  Simulate the scene of wind blown when there have wind in the movies, the wind machine can create the motion of airflow, audience can have the real feeling of the wind on their face.

Lightning simulation: While the movie shots, thunder and lightning, cinema hall will issue a dazzling lightning, and accompanied with the roar of lightning, so that audiences feel like being at the thunderstorm days.

Enjoy 360 degree movie in circle theater!